Wednesday, 16 November 2016



Description:We had to make a product for the market day where we sell our product.
We made a product that has not been made before and its called tutti fruity lemonade.
After all of the market things finally stop.    
We had to make presedrill writing.
If you do not now what that means it
like a recipe  so it tells you how to make
tutti fruiti

FEEDBACK: Great Description Fyfe!

FEEDFORWARD: I Think You Need To Work On Makng Your Work Tidier! :3 .Marion.



Description: When we had to stop getting ready for prep we had to get our stall ready for bussiness.
After all of that is finished we had a limited amount of time to get our hats done to put on my blog.
They are:
BLUE HAT means next time I can work on
BLACK HAT means what was challenging
YELLOW HAT means what was successful

FEEDBACK: You did well because the start of your sentences are capital letters

FEEDFORWARD: You need to work on getting your pictures clear. Hayley  

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


W.A.L.T: we are learning to research books. :333333

Description: In reading we stared to do buddy novel study.
Buddy novel study is when you have to read a chapter of a book and then do these tasks and one tasks are summarizing we did all of the tasks in till it took to long... So instead we just did summarizing and my buddy is HAYLEY and it was kind of hard to do summarizing though.

Feedback: WOW!, this is incredible work!!! ka pae Fyfe!

Feed forward: I think you should work on your spelling. MARION:3


W.A.L.T: Market and sell our products and services. :)

Description: We found out that there is going to be a market day. Some class's have to work as a class and some class's make little groups of people. We had to work in little groups so my buddy's are Izzy, Marion, Kate and myself we are making tutti fruity lemonade. That has not been made before. Rosie made these slides for us to use for prep. Every little group gets 20 dollars to spend on ingredients ECT  that you need to make your product. A market is were people give up there time to make things and buy things to make a unique product then they have to organize the day and make a plan of who is there going to make then when they finish then they set up there stall then the costumers comes lets say 3 o clock people start to come and buy things for a low price.

Feedback:I like how much detail you have put in your description

Feedforward:next time make sure you proof read. Kate :)

Monday, 7 November 2016

Maori poster


Description: At school in the mornings we do Maori and Prep. Prep is getting ready for market day and we have to buy everything but when we do stuff in Maori for our Prep it doesn't cost anything. 
In Maori we made these posters about market day, on my poster there are questions in Maori and under the Maori words it says it in English, so you know what the words mean. So they  understand.

If you can not see what it says

Wai hua rakau - fruit water

He aha mau? What's for you?

Haere mai ki te måkete  - Come to the market

He aha mau? What would you like? 

E hia Te utu -  How much is it? Kotåhi Tåra - $1 dollar

Moni - money

Titiro like tenei - look at this 

Time - November 11th

Feedback: Good Job Fyfe!, You Have A Great Clear Voice!!! . Marion. :3

Feedforward:  I think you should work on your grammar!!! . Marion. :3 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Chance activity

W.A.L.T: We are learning about probability and chance

Description: At pangarau/math time we are learning about chance and probability.
Here is an example, I have six blue beans and six yellow beans what is the chance of
getting a blue bean.
No chance
Bad chance
Good chance
Even chance /

The answer is even chance because the six blue beans and the six yellow beans are
the same number so its an even chance and then you put a tally mark on which one they say.

Feedback:I like the way how you explained a lot in your description

Feedforward: Next time you could proofread your work!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Graph time

W.A.L.T: make graphs

Description: During math time we did a block graph, bar graph, strip graph and a pie graph. It helps you with gathering information and knowing how much of the food, toys or any thing else you are investigating and helps you with your math.
Feedback: I like how you have written a big description.
Feedforward: Where is your bat graph??